3D Tournament Yardage Books 

Our 3D flip-style yardage books come in two different formats, with break and slope and without. All books have green grid with slope and depth.  


Our books measure 6.50" x 3.875", and conform with the rules of golf.  Our graphic design team can sketch any course in the world. To inquire about  pricing on a single book or quantities of books, contact us at info@gotocaddie.com.

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 New courses are added weekly. 

Yardage Book Map


Tournament Yardage Book

Our 3D digital course guides are digitally printed on premium high gloss paper measuring  6.75" x  3.875"  folded.  All guides are available in different layouts, styles , colors, and can also include sponsor info. We will work with the course on the design from start to finish.  Course guides with no ads are available and very popular with club pro shops and are as low as at $1.50 each.

Guides are also available with green slope.

Contact  us at info@gotocaddie.com for inquiries or more information.  

Individual course guides can be purchased on our Shop Now page. Let us sketch your course!

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Golf Course Yardage Book by Go To Caddie
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